Inland Marine Policy

Inland Marine Coverages are a group of insurance coverages specifically designed to insure exposures that cannot be insured properly under a standard property policy coverage and/or do not reside at a fixed location. Items that are transported over land such as cargo, buildings under construction, television/radio/cell towers, or require specialized coverages such as computerized equipment, or other unique property or equipment. Inland Marine policy forms offer coverage regardless of the location of the insured item and offer broader forms of coverage than a standard property policy. Some examples of Inland Marine Policies include:

Builders Risk Policy: provides coverage for building in the course of construction, most based on the completed value of the structure and can include limits for theft of building materials in addition to the structure itself. Can also include subsurface construction and infrastructure as well as the above ground

Motor Truck Cargo: insures the value of items while being transported that includes coverage for theft as well as damage due to collision.

Jewelers Block: used to provide coverage for the unique and potentially high value of precious metals and stones, etc. maintained in a Jewelers inventory.

Fine Arts Floater: provides coverage for the unique value intrinic in works of Art and other Collectibles as well as some of their unique causes of loss such as breakage.

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